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          Our Field Trip
          [來源:本站 | 作者:黃思思 | 日期:2013年4月16日 | 瀏覽16226 次] 字體:[ ]

          Today is a beautiful day. Miss Zhang and Lao Hu took us to have a field trip in our school.

              First, we went to the stadium—an open place where a lot of people can watch sport. Second, we came across the basketball courts, some boys were playing there. Lao Hu told us some rules about how to play basketball. I listened carefully because I enjoy playing basketball. Then we went to the gym. There is a table tennis, badminton, billiards, Chinese chess and some fitness equipment. Finally, we went back to the classroom to go along the way, that feeling is really great!

              Through this trip, I learned a lot of knowledge did not know from Lao Hu. The only pity is, we did not have more questions to Lao Hu. May be we were afraid of mistakes in expression or shy. In a word, this is a pleasant trip. And I do look forward to the next time there is also like this travel opportunities.



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